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November 16, 2013

Mike Guthinger B2B Iron Race Report

Mike Guthinger

November 16, 2013

Beach 2 Battleship 2014

Race Report

It started off completing the B2B half in 2013. What a great race. This was the first endurance race that I said during it “I am doing this next year”. In 2013 a half was not in the plan but I had to sign up after the MB half max Olympic pulled out and left we “raceless”. I did some informal training with lots of time in the ocean and two bike rides a week. Not a lot of structure and very little running do to a lower leg injury. Fast forward to 2014. My dad had passed away in January, he fought hard but the cancer beat him. As I sat with him next to his bed we talked about triathlons and Ironman’s, which he asked if I was going to do a long one. I told him I was not sure if I could pull off the training commitment, and if the family and work schedule would support the training. After completing the LEU police ride in May I felt strong on the bike, we had bad head winds for over 500 miles and I was up front for a lot of the ride. John M said I should give the full a try. I had money saved from X-mas that my mom and dad had given me. I put that towards the entry fee. It made it more special doing something meaningful to remember my dad.

The training plan (or lack of one) consisted of a long (bike) ride every Saturday, which I continued from my winter rides. The ride ranged from 20 to 60 miles depending on time. It was dark some Saturdays and I had a few close calls with cars and one biker who ran a stop sign. I would usually catch up to the “pig group” and ride with them for a while. I also road with Jerry S and crew on a few Wed mornings or would do a 45 min workout on the trainer. The last 6 weeks or so I would do the Pete loop on the Marina Parkway, with Jerry, sometimes John, Jim, Paul, Camie and Kyle. I would get there early and get a extra 15 in before the group ride started. I would see Donnie doing lap after lap with all his lights on and ran into Heather on a few Saturdays. I also ran into a large cotton mouth next to the porta-potty by the Y one dark morning. I did complete a 100 mile ride about 4 weeks out and felt good.

For the swim I got in the pool every once and a while (every other week) and would do 500 to 4200 yards. I did get a practice swim in with Jerry in Wilmington, which was one of the best moves I made. Thanks Jerry for pointing out all the reference points it made a big difference since I was all messed up last year’s swim. The run training, very little training due to the same injury as last year. I should really see a Doc. My longest run was the 13.1 from last year’s b2b. Any time I ran close to 3 miles I would get a calf pull and had to hobble home. I think I averaged about 4.5 hours a week for training.

The Race plan was to have a good swim, strong bike and not bonk and cramp and walk the 26 miles. I stole Jerry’s plan since he had the numbers crunched and hoped to run into him on the course. The morning was cold. I think in the 40’s. I sat in Pete’s truck which was nice and kept me out of the cold. Talked to Jerry about the plan and wished him luck and told him he could do it. The sand was like walking on glass it was so cold. I saw Jay at the start and we wished each other luck. I hit the water about 2/3 back of the pack.

I felt good about the swim, the current was great last year and the practice run had a good current as well. I new I had been in colder, strong currents and large waves all in the dark and completed the required tasks. This should be and enjoyable straight swim with no mission at hand. As I entered the water I realized the tide had not changed yet, also there was a head wind and it’s was going to be a little more taxing then the plan called for. I did not feel the current until the very end. Note to self: body glide on the inner arms, my wetsuit tour the crap out of my arms. I thought I had enough but it must have washed off. I’ll pay for that later. I slowly passed people and felt great. Wish the swim lasted longer; it was the easy part for me. T1 was quick. Too much nakedness in the tent for me. I was off in a dry pair of bike shorts in a few minutes. I started eating right away. My meal plan was to eat a cliff bar every hour or rest stop whichever came first. I ripped open the wrappers on each and tossed them in my rear pocket of my shirt. This became a pain with the wrappers so I tossed all the trash on the second stop and just kept them in the pocket loose. My Garmin would beep every 10 min to remind me to drink. I planned on one bottle (24 oz) between every rest stop filled with advocare rehydrate. The plan worked. I ate the right number of bars and drank, and would get off the bike each stop and walk for a minute. The wind sucked. It felt like a head wind all the way to mile 70+. It was hard to maintain the pace I wanted. I had made a print out of time windows and miles marking each rest stop and taped it to the bike. For the most part I hit my targets. I saw John around mile 78, Diego passed me twice due to flats, Kyle some time after that, and Jerry flew by me at 102. The ride was over, I wished it was longer but was glad to get off the bike, it got old with that wind. I was not looking forward to the run. I put on a long sleeve shirt and my tri club tee shirt ran into Jerry and exited T2. The power walk was on. We pushed a fast walk pace, if I remember we started around a 14 + pace per mile. I hate to walk but new it would be a long night of sucking it up with a pulled calf. As we knocked off each mile Jerry would give me an update on finishing times. This made life easy and once we made the first lap cut, I knew that I could slow down and still make the final cut time at the finish. I put a coat on at mile 13 and was glad I did. John said I would freeze even if it was hot out and he was correct. I split a PB and J with Jerry and we left the special needs area. I drank a chicken soup, a coke and a pretzel at each stop. Each mile was like a Ryan’s Buffett. I lost Jerry at mile 19 and fell off the pace a little. I kept pushing ahead thinking about the pain my dad had gone through for the past two years and told myself not to bitch suck it up and have a good time. He was the sponsor of this race. At the 23 mile mark I thought to myself I’ll be home in an hour, and that really sucked knowing it would take that long to do 3 miles, a feat that should have taken 30 min max. 26 miles is a long day and walking them takes forever. I met up with my Beach Patrol boys about a mile and a half out. Dave had fished his half and had a little wobble in his walk. Tommy was all fired up. We told police stories to each other, you know “remember when that……” I was told by Dave’s wife to shut up, stop talking about work and enjoy the moment at hand

The finish line was great, high fives, handshakes and cheers. I walk along the shoot and took it all in. I was finished and made it. Thanks to all the MB Tri club on the course and at the finish. It’s very motivating to have people you recognize to encourage you to keep going. I walked the long mile back to the hotel, and took a shower. The salt on my head lit up the wetsuit scrapes on my triceps when the water hit me. I jumped out of the shower, struggled to get my shorts on and the body started to go into hypothermia or some sort of shock. I thought I was not going to make it out of the bathroom. I have been cold and wet before but this time it scared me shaking uncontrollably. I was able to wrap up in a blanket and a sleeping bag and with 15 minutes I was good. Wow! Not going to do the shower think again.

Again thanks to everyone for the encouragement, equipment loans and guidance.







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