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March 6, 2013

MBTC’S March Newsletter


Club News:

MBTC had 21 out of 136 competing in the 1st race of the season. The 10K “HULK” trail run hosted by GSRC. GSRC hosted a spectacular event. Black Black Dog had free trail shoes to try before you buy from Montrail. Professional timing was done by Coastal Timing. The race director is also a MBTC member IRONMAN Lonnie Kaye. He has been planning for this event over 4 months. Great Job Lonnie! The medals have set a standard!


Diego Sosa. 2 overall, 1st in his age group & 1st overall MBTC male

Heather Flercher 71 overall, 6 in her age group & 1st overall MBTC female

 MBTC Race Series Standings

10k Trail Run Results

MBTC has revised their “MEMBERSHIP” registartion policy:

Age groupers 60+ register for free and their membership will never expire. This is a “Lifetime Membership”. We want to show our appreciation to these age groupers for being our role models.

Next race: MBTC Duathlon








Why is Weight So Important in Cycling? Part 1

If you’ve been cycling for a while, you likely know that the goal almost all competitive cyclists is to be as light and strong as possible. This not only includes the strength and weight of your body, it also includes the strength and weight of your bike. More

7 Ways to Prevent Running Injuries

5x Olympic running coach Bobby McGee shares some valuable tips for injury prevention.

Whether an athlete be a pro or amateur, running and triathlon success truly does take a village! With injuries, strength & conditioning, nutrition and even sports psychology to look after, even I sometimes refer clients to specialists, especially if I am really close to an individual and playing a key role in their performance. However, with sports injuries I think the best therapy is injury prevention in the first place. More


Dare You to Move


Most of humanity, for most of human history, lived lives of toil and misery, interspersed with moments of sublimity. The miracle of sleep grants us a reprieve from the toil. But upon awaking, disoriented, it takes us a brief moment only to gain our bearings; we remember where we are; and in what condition. We, in America—most of us—don’t live lives of misery. More


The Triathlete’s Kitchen: Celery

Whether you prefer the childhood snack “Ants on a Log” or a little crunch with your spicy buffalo wings, this low-calorie vegetable rarely gets the attention it deserves. Whereas dieters may gravitate toward celery due to its possible diuretic properties (the research focuses mostly on celery seeds), athletes know better than to go to extremes to change their body composition when they risk compromising performance and recovery. We can all agree that celery won’t fuel an IRONMAN, but think twice about neglecting this key food. More



Recipe: Free Range Roast Chicken

A must-do in your twice-weekly kitchen prep, this dish makes up tonight’s dinner, tomorrow’s lunch and the protein component of snacks to go.

by Nell Stephenson

Originally from:

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