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September 29, 2012

MBTC: Off-Road Tri results

Congratulations to all that participated in this event.  This event has been a work in progress for many months. Many have been working really hard building the single track AKA the Hulk.  Our long term vision for MBTC is to be able to host an Xterra race at this location by the end of 2014.

Thank you May Lauzon, Michal Kovac  & Richard Defalco for helping out today.

Thank you Waccamaw Trailblazers for Making this race possible!! We are  looking forward for the MTB race series.

Congrats to Jay Hamvas & Elena Novikova for 1st place

Lundy Johnson Get the Sportsmanship Award. During his second lap he handed his bike over  to a fellow competitor to finish the race because he had a flat.


  1. Jay Hamvas 1:02:13
  2. Marshal Brown 1:02:53
  3. Brian Roberts  1:06:30
  4. Keith Justice 1:015:06
  5. Andre Pope 1:16:06
  6. Elena Novikova 1:27:00
  7. Mike Farish 1:28:55
  8. Kristy Sweeny 1:37:35

Lundy Johnson, Joseph Arakas , Mary Justice-Aquire & David Robinette

One Response to MBTC: Off-Road Tri results

  1. avatar David Robinett says:

    I saw my name listed #6 in the results. I did not complete the biking portion even when I borrowed Lundy’s bike. So probably should not be listed w/ the finishers. Good Job All. I enjoyed the race greatly.

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