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February 2, 2013

MBTC Monthly Newsletter

Register for the first race of the season!

The Hulk 10k Trail Challenge by the Grand Strand Running Club.

March 3rd 1:00 pm


Are you looking into healthier eating?

Take the Cholesterol Challenge,  January through March!

Get tested and post your results on our Facebook page event.


Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 2.47.44 PM has a powerful tool for counting calories and keeping a food log. You can keep track with calories you consume versus burning along with your workouts.

Are you looking for a Nutritionist?


Here are some examples of what Regina Hammond with has done for me.


What is your Power to Weight ratio?


by Mark Consugar

In this article I would like to discuss P/W and how it can be used to optimize performance. I will also highlight a practical example of how P/W is used in assessing and improving a rider’s climbing performance and why. Finally, I will outline a few training methods a cyclist could use to improve their P/W.

Read all about the mathematical science here


Get stronger by Eccentric Training!

Eccentric training is the lowering phase of an exercise. For example, in a biceps curl the action of lowering the dumbbell back down from the lift is the eccentric phase of that exercise — as long as the dumbbell is lowered slowly rather than letting it drop.

Read more here


We encourage you this off season to take on Yoga, TRX, Crossfit class & to get on a MTB Bike!

Join the Hulk Facebook page & Waccamaw Trailblazers


MBTC Race series update.

Ymca Super Sprint & Barefoot Triathlon (Olympic) will be opening up this weekend through SetupEvent!

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