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October 19, 2015

Keith Justice 70.3 Augusta Race Report

So here’s my race report for Augusta 70.3 Ironman… the weather was pretty cooperative it was overcast and cool thank goodness. I really appreciated all the volunteer help and thought everyone was in great spirits.. The town really comes together for this one. Getting to the swim area was very organized and I didn’t have any problem following along with when it was time to join my wave. Watching all the waves go off was fun, kind of getting an idea of how fast we were going to be moving and it was easy way to gauge where the best place to be in the water was.. Close to the buoys was best. So the swim went great the water was perfect temperature for a swim.. Got into a barroom brawl with about five guys at the swim start and maybe a goat.. I’m not sure.. it could have been a huff kick me in the face. So I just stopped for a couple of seconds and let these knuckleheads go and then I resume to my race, got out of the water 30 minutes flat. Transition went fine out on the bike no problems. The weather was starting to turn a little misty by now. The first 18 to 20 miles of this bike was fairly flat so I just took it easy let my legs warm up and tried to eat. Once the hill start to become a focused mainly on trying to stay in the right gear and keep my cadence high so my legs wouldn’t get too tired. Reached the max speed of 42.6 miles an hour in some of the downhills which were super fun, haven’t been that fast before and I must say it is a rush. The bike course was well marked with lots of volunteers and I had no problems on the bike except for the rain which ultimately ended up being nice because it never got hot. Finish the bike in 3 hours flat got thru transition again with no problems thankfully.. on my way out the guy that was running beside me had his helmet on and I said something to him as we were exiting transition and he realized that he was still wearing it and stopped and turned back.. Lol. I notice a lot of people weren’t securing their water bottles and other belongings on the bike ride it was a bit of a dodging game.. So out on the run I go.. everything was fine until about mile 1 and I got a cramp on my right leg. The quad on the inner side just started tightening more and more the farther along I went for the whole half marathon. It was degrees of tightening that I dealt with that would allow me to either walk like a marching band or run at my normal pace. I would go until I just couldn’t take the pain any longer and then its band major parade marching for a few minutes except with just one leg. I fought through the suffering as many triathletes do and kept my eye on the prize ..the finish line! By now the crowds are getting pretty thick in the atmosphere is charged with excitement and every time I would pass a large group of people I could tell I would speed up.. I wish the crowd was that way for the whole 13 then maybe I wouldn’t have stopped running at all. Support was awesome every single mile cheering fans and great goodies at all of the water stops. I remember this one traffic policeman that was just so encouraging to everyone that came upon his intersection that he was doing traffic control.. I really enjoyed seeing him both times that I went by smile emoticon.. by now getting to the last few miles of the run I started to realize there was a chance that I could possibly make it under 6 hours if I could just hold onto my pace and not walk that much, but the cramps just kept coming relentlessly and then I had to stop and pee.. So now I’m looking for a porta john because running downtown there was nowhere to hide. Finally able to take care of my situation without a problem right after I turned the corner and bingo porta john heaven.. after that I just dealt with The Cramps the best I could and focused on trying to hold a steady pace to try to beat the stopwatch to 6 hours. The last few miles I truly pushed myself not only to up the pace but to deal with the cramps, but as soon as I heard the crowd and knew that they were at the beginning of the finishing chute it was all adrenaline from there to the end.. as I rounded the corner there were about 5 people in front of me and I wanted to get in front of them so my finishing photo would not have anyone around I had about 100 yards to get by them. so now I’m stepping on it cuz! I do not want to be behind these people at the end.. As I’m approaching I noticed one person in the group that was in my age division and was happy to make that pass in the last 50 feet. all in all great experience great town and I had a lot of fun aside from the cramp I had a great race and would highly recommend anyone adding it to their calendar????

Got the sub 6 and finished 5:57:38

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