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November 8, 2012

Iron B2B race report by Diego Sosa

The PPD Beach2Battleship Ironman was an amazing experience and one I have worked very hard to participate in due to health issues and emotional challenges. Everything began when I returned from The USAT National Championship in Vermont. I was thinking about what my next goal would be and remembered talking with Michal Kovac about 2 months earlier who had mentioned the B2B and asked if I was participating. I told him that I was not sure yet because of an appointment with my doctor on August 22nd and after that I would decide.


The appointment with my doctor turned out to be a nightmare for me. He informed me that I have a degenerative disc disease in l5-s1 and I4-l5 in my back and the only solution for me was to have surgery if I wanted to feel better. He further stated that after this surgery I wouldn’t be able to do any exercises and would have to live a very passive life style. The news truly devastated me. I left the doctor’s office, went to my car with so many thoughts and questions swirling around in my head and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I called my wife and shared the conversation with her and just broke down crying. I was so crushed and felt totally helpless. I have always been a strong person but at that point I was overwhelmed. I had to take a risk one way or the other so I made the decision to investigate and to try to recover myself as naturally as possible. I started swimming to ease the back pain and every day I felt stronger and stronger. As I grew in strength I added the running and cycling, all with the goal of competing again and overcoming the odds of this degenerative disease.


Finally the day of the Beach2Battleship arrived! My first action was to start swimming. I swam listening to the song, “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, one of my son Diego’s favorite songs. It gave me all the necessary force to begin strong and with courage. I felt good swimming and I only had a few initial problems with my goggles but what really drove me to swim hard and be persistent was my daughter Ana Paula and my wife Paula. They have been so supportive and encouraging to me through all of this and it felt like they were giving me breath and filling me with a force, a drive that pushed me like no other I have experienced. Next I begin cycling and I felt great! I was anxious to reach the 35 mile mark because I knew that the family from the Myrtle Beach Triathlon Club was there to cheer me on. The support was great, really encouraging and I felt really strong until mile 65 when the pain in my back started to ache horribly. In that moment I could not go back to swimming and had to push through the cycling. I turned the pain into motivation to push harder and I remember mile 95 and forced myself to continue pushing. By mile 112 I was in a lot of pain but my mind and my spirit refused to pay attention and I felt full of desire to complete transition 2. I saw my daughter and my wife again and that recharged my batteries again. Everything began well, I was making good time per mile and felt strong until I came to the triangle and asked what direction to to go and they sent me on the incorrect route. This is where I lost concentration, the coordinators didn’t seem to know where to tell us to go but I decided that what I have to do is complete the marathon and not to worry about taking the incorrect way, so instead of only running 4 times around the triangle I ran 5 times around the triangle which added an extra mile to the marathon marking my miles at 27.4.


My plan of nutrition was perfect, a supplement gel 1 hour before the competition, 3 capsules of electrolytes 15 minutes earlier and every hour 3 pills of electrolytes and perpemtum every 20 minutes, it was excellent and I felt great.


The arrival was wonderful listening to the crowd, the members of MTC, my daughter Ana Paula and my wife Paula, who were waiting for me with the flag of my country Ecuador; it was something wonderful and inexplicable of saying what I felt in that moment as I was crossing the finish line.


What I want to say to them is that every Second of swimming, biking and running I enjoy it to the maximum and that is what I make with my life, to enjoy every Second.


I want to thank my wife Paula, for all her love, support and being present at every competition. She means the world to me, my kids Diego and Ana for their support and love.



Thanks to my friend Michal Kovac for helping me to prepare for the competition and for always be concerned about how I feeling with my back problem.


Thank you very much to the whole family of MTC for giving us the breath that we needed, to reach this goal of competing in the Ironman.


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