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October 15, 2011

Get Excited For an Eventful 2012!

If you had fun this year……  Get excited for an eventful 2012!!

We hope that MBTC succeeded so far in our young existence in providing a fun, encouraging & challenging environment for our members and we look forward to the coming year in helping our areas multi-sport athletes achieve their personal athletic goals & aspirations.

Not only are we excited about our training sessions in 2012 but we are also looking into doing/ promoting more MULTI-SPORT events in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas for the next year in hopes that we can keep increasing awareness and recognition for the sport/ lifestyle that we all love. Some of these multi-sport events will include:

  • Sprints/Olympic Triathlons
  • Run-bike-run 
  • Run-kayak-run 
  • Run-Moutain/Bike-Run 
  • Swim-Bike (Aqua-bike) 
  • Crossfit-Endurance: (Boot-Camp) This one I will love to be able to setup soon for all of us to continue  to train together in the off season. (Any Leaders Please email me)
All events will be your training tools for the Ultimate GOAL of
Keep Training and Inspiring others!!

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