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PRINT WAIVER AND ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP/ ONE-DAY LCENSE APPLICATION. CLICK HERE.  Please fill out and hand this in when you check in at the event.

Swim clinic Itinerary 

July 09, 2016

Note to athletes: A public restroom and outdoor shower facility is located one block north of the event site at the 6th Avenue South public beach access.
Public parking is located at the 7th Ave South beach access as well as the 6th Ave South beach access.

This clinic will be held on a public, lifeguarded beach and will require athletes to swim in the ocean. While it is open to beginners, ALL ATHLETES MUST HAVE BASIC, ADEQUATE SWIMMING SKILLS ALREADY IN PLACE to ensure the safety of all participants. The body of the clinic will include an on-shore lecture about technique followed by in-water confidence-building and skill-developing drills and practicals.

Check-in: All athletes must hand in waiver if not done online.

All athletes must be USAT members or purchase a one-day pass.

9:30AM Land-based lecture:

A) Safety
B) Sighting Techniques
C) Hand position and breathing D) Adjusting Stroke to Conditions E) Intro to Entries

9:45AM Confidence-Building Drills:

A) Visualization

B) “The Sand Challenge” – closing the gap between the overwhelming size and depth of the ocean and your personal confidence

Entry Maneuvers Practical: Practice in high-knee and dolphin dive techniques

BREAK. Participants may use the restroom, hydrate, etc.

Sighting Drill: “Spot and Dive”

This game requires participants to use their sighting skills to visually locate then physically capture a tennis ball. The game uses single-elimination rounds to determine a winner whom will win a prize.

Small Box Swim, 200 yards- time permitting.

Athletes will swim from shore out to a buoy approximately 50 yards out and then swim parallel to shore to a second buoy before returning to shore.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.