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October 22, 2012

70.3 B2B race report by Jennifer Kiper

Well this wasn’t just about racing for me it was about seeing my MBTC family that I had spent so much time training with. I knew I wasn’t as ready for the race as I would have been if I was still at the beach but it is what it is. So Thursday morning I started my trek to Wilmington, with a stop to see my uncle in Winston- Salem (added bonus). I get to the convention center Friday afternoon and saw Ro and was starting to get pumped. Had a great rest of the day with Dawn and Gerald! Then to the hotel with my cheerleader and roomie for the weekend Stacey (Iron women already)! So up bright and early for breakfast I get words of encouragement from Wade and then Dawn and I are set to go way early I might add!

The whole transition area was kind of surreal. I felt like I did back in 2009 when I did my first sprint (on my mt. bike) I just looked at how amazing everyone’s equipment was and what was I doing here but too late to turn back now and at least I had a rode bike right!

Waiting for my swim wave to go Mary Kate and I shared a moment (she will know what I mean) and we were off. The swim- one word Awesome! I knew that was the easy part of this race for me. My watch read 28 minutes and I was happy with that. Hearing all the cheers entering T1 gave me a boost and really stop me of thinking that I had to ride 56 miles.

Well the bike went about as I thought, not so well, the first 25 miles I did feel good, well as good as riding into a headwind can be. By mile 31 when I was running out of steam I saw more friends- Hooray for Pete and Crew. I kept trucking. Mile 47 I had to stop I had just about enough, a quick potty break and shaking of the legs and I was back at it. Coming into the Convention Center and hearing Stacey and everyone else cheering I got my second wind and I thought the hard part is over I did it I conquered the 56 miles on the bike. It was pretty but it was done!

Here comes the half no problem I thought, wrong it started with a nagging pain in my ankle but thought I had just put my timing chip on to tight so easy fix right. I was heading down the pier and saw my dear friend Paul Walker (nope he was not wearing his onies to my disappointment) I got a big hug and I thought here I go.

Mile 3 a shooting pain in my quad told me this was not going to be the run I thought it was going to be. So the next 8 miles were on and off walk/run and on and off pain from the waist down. I was really thinking I hope I can finish this. In the midst of this Stacey and crew drove by and lifted my energy level, whether I wanted it lifted or not. I got to see Michal, and Brad and Cliff too, I was so happy for them. So with 2 miles left I couldn’t feel anything below my hips so I just sucked it up and ran the rest of the way.

So I was a little disappointed with myself but with all the happy words from everyone at the race and all my friends and family back in Ohio I thought welp Ro said get a plan A and plan B and finishing was plan A. So I had done it!

I thought after the race I would never want to do this again but today I have a better attitude and can’t wait to do this again.

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