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October 23, 2012

70.3 B2B race report by Heather Brown

A newb’s perspective:


Wow…where do I begin? I started triathlon this year (late this year) as a result of a foot injury from volunteering at the MB Kids Tri last year. I got a coach and went about cross-training. Watching my kids, I decided I would like to try a Tri!


As many of you know I am known as the ‘girl who fell out’ at the first 2012 Garden City Tri. I admit, I was and am green. I refuse to give up, though. So, fast forward a few months. B2B half was ALWAYS my ‘A’ race for this year as insane as that seemed. Training, full-time job, new to the sport, 2 kids, blended family, chef husband who also does trails and races mountain bikes…you get the point, and I digress!


Saturday, I was so incredibly nervous. I hate wetsuits. I hate being constricted. I think most people from MB Tri noticed me due to me pulling on the neck of my wetsuit!


Anyhoo – I was in the 35-44 pink capped group for the swim. I started, was ok then once again immediately panicked. The paddle boarders were awesome. I didn’t want to quit. I just needed to calm down. They followed me, asked me how I was and if I needed anything. Fellow racers encouraged me on as they blew past me. After halfway into the swim, I calmed down and could find my groove. Finally, the ladder!!!!


So, we’re transitioning. I didn’t have time to truly change (hello chaffing!), but I had to give myself time to make the next cut-off. I took off. Bike computer FAILED! I stopped. It worked…it failed…I stopped…I gave up and just went by feel. 56 miles and multiple random songs in my head later (wheels on the bus go round and round) I made the cut-off with 4 hours to do the half marathon.


I transitioned as fast as I could and took off at the speed of a snail! Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle! I admit I ran/walked the course. I was happily surprised at all the other people, both half and full, who were also walking. I also met a lot of amazing people along the way. I even met some of y’all for the first time through varying parts of the race. So, after stopping at every single solitary water station, accidentally photo-bombing a wedding (twice) and helping cheer up a super fast woman who was hit by a car on the bike, I carried on.


Once I hit mile 10, I knew I had it. I had my chrono set to my cut-off time. I teared up. I cried to myself. I yelled and screamed because I couldn’t believe that the girl who panicked in so many tris was about to finish her first 70.3.


I cramped, literally, at 13 miles. I stopped at the final water station to stretch. Then I told myself, “Screw this, you’re finishing!” Whould’a thunk it!? I kept calm and carried on! I did my best to smile and sprint to the finish.


I did it!! I cannot believe I did it! It may not have been fast. It may not have been pretty, and it sure as hell wasn’t fast, but the experience was incredible. I am thankful to all of y’all who were out there cheering me on, giving me high-fives, hugs and just accepting this newbie into your world. I am humbled, inspired and proud to call you all my friends.



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  1. avatar Hope says:

    You go girl! That is so awesome!!! I am beyond proud of you 🙂 Way to keep pushing, and I love that you crashed a wedding twice… You rock!

    Next year *hopefully* will be my year for the 70.3!


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