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October 23, 2012

70.3 B2B race report by Donnie Brooks

Race report


I finished my first 70.3! Pretty good considering a year ago I struggled with sprint distance triathlons. So coming into this race I didn’t have many expectations as to finishing times. I just had one goal to finish or die trying.


The swim went better than I could have expected. I was amazed at the current out there on Saturday. I would look up see a buoy, place my head down swim a few strokes then be right on top of it without warning. I’ve never been a big fan of open water swims so having this leg roll by was a dream come true. I hit the dock at right about 29 mins then hit the wetsuit strippers and made my way slowing to t1. I crossed the swim exit-timing strip at 31 minutes. So I was doing pretty good.


Transition 1 was a little problematic. When I set up my bike and t1 area I didn’t pay any attention to where the swim exit was located in relation to my bike. So when I came into T1, I couldn’t find my bike! So after a minute of running around I eventually located it and all was well.


I started the bike leg really conservative. For the first 3 or miles I tried to eat, drink and warm my legs up before really starting to get into swing of things. At about mile 5 I started to find my groove. I averaged about 19 on the bike and felt really great. At about mile 15 I began daydreaming and clipped a cone that was placed on the right side of the road. Lucky for me I didn’t wreck. The cone swung around and clipped me on the shin creating a little cut on my ankle. I looked back and the cone ended up out of the way of all the other racers on the shoulder of the road. So everyone was safe.


After that the bike went really well. I had averaged around 17mph in all my training rides but somehow managed about 19 on the bike for the majority of the race without really taxing my body all that much (at least I thought so at the time). The last 3 miles of the bike I cut the speed back and tried to eat and drink before setting off on the run. I came across the bike exit/T2 entrance right at 3:03 for the bike leg. Which was about 20 mins faster than any of my training rides.


T2 was uneventful. I just changed and headed on out for the run.


My plan for the run leg was to take a conservative first 6.5 then hopefully pickup the pace on the back half of the run. That didn’t exactly go as planned. Just after the turn around for the half my calf muscles seized up. And I fought really bad cramps in both my calf muscles the entire second part of the race. I drank at every water station and took salt tabs at two of them. Nothing helped ease the cramping. So the second half of the run portion turned into the walk/limp/complain. I’m guessing dehydration coupled with a lack of run training due to an soccer injury played a big role in the cramping issue. My diet of fast food, soda and desserts probably didn’t help much either. I probably should work on that.


In the end, it was a really great race. I pushed myself thru a lot of pain and managed to cross the finish line. Which made for a great way to close out the season. I will definitely be back next year to race B2B again. The only question is will it be the full or the half again? I think I will wait till after Ironman Raleigh next summer to answer that question.

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