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December 31, 2016

2017 Membership

Friday December 30, 2016 – Sunday December 31, 2017

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As of 2017, an annual membership fee will be $20; it will be paid every year.  The one-time-fee program will no longer be supported as this club is 100% nonprofit and annual membership fees help support our programs and projects.  Members under age 10 and over age 60 will be able to renew their membership for free.

Please remember that club membership expires each year on Dec. 31st.  You must renew your membership by registering each year in order to be a valid member.  Valid membership helps the club not only maintain support of and compliance with USAT, but it also confirms our roster which enables us to participate in programs like the IRONMAN TriClub Program.

Myrtle Beach Triathlon Club strongly encourages all members to become members of USA Triathlon, aka USAT.  This is the national governing body of triathlon in the US, and membership includes many discounts.  In addition, to register for any sanctioned triathlon race, all persons must have EITHER a membership with USAT or must purchase a One Day Pass from the event.  These memberships allow the race and its directors to be in compliance with insurance policies.

***Selecting the affiliation of “Myrtle Beach Triathlon Club” as your club in your profile on USAT’s membership website DOES NOT make you an official member of this club; only registering on this page makes you a “member.” ***

As a member of the Myrtle Beach Triathlon Club, you will be asked to sign USAT’s waiver and release.  This is because you will be a member of an official triathlon club that has an insurance policy with USAT.  All sporting activities that involve solely members of the club that are organised by, produced by, or solely supported by official members and organizers of this club (including organization via public social media,) are covered by this insurance.

TO REGISTER AS A MEMBER OF THE CLUB FOR 2017, please select the appropriate drop down.


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