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October 30, 2011

2011 B2B Race-report by Pete Politis

This Ironman was the best of all 3 because I had 6 other teammates racing with me and one large support group!! I did not feel alone like the other races.

Swim– Was fast! I got swept past the last buoy and had a hard time making the turn. My wedding ring fell half way out and I was supper bummed.. But on the bright side this is a great place to loose one!!

Bike-I had to make 9 stops for breaks..Deciding on which tree to stop became a game!! I want to thank Chris at gsb for talking me into a powermeter. since my purchase, in my last 4 races I have had 4 pr runs.

Run- Felt great. I have to thank Regina at for setting me up with a fantastic nutritional plan!! My marathon in Feb was 4:28 and my marathon in B2B was 4:51. Pretty close considering swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112 as a warmup!!

Overall. 12:31.14

I cannot express in words how I feel on how close MBTC  has become over the years. I enjoy my new athletic family very MUCH!!

I am happy to pass on the IRON-Torch to Warren, May, Massimo and Paul. This was passed onto me from Joseph C. Arakas.

Keep it lit!!!

Who is Next!?!!

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